Having problems with unwanted pests?

At Stella, we understand that sometimes there is more than one culprit causing the problem in your home. Stella pest management has tailored a very affordable and effective solution that we believe is a leader in our industry.

Stella Pest Management custom general pest treatment will take care of Ants, Spiders, American and Australian Cockroaches, Rats, Mice and Many more Pests.

Your pest technician will also provide you with a full report to explain what chemicals have been used on the property and how much was used as well as our tailored 3 Month Warranty for your piece of mind.


Treatments start at $220.00 inc GST

What we do

Roof Void

  • Full rodent baiting system
  • Complete roof void dusting for Ants, Spiders, Silverfish and more


  • Treat all wet areas with our proven cockroach gel
  • Treat behind fridges, ovens, furniture etc.
  • Treat all skirting boards and cornices with our tried and proven residual spray


Using our special residual spray we treat all areas of the external of your property including windows and door frames, patios, pergolas, carports, sheds, under eaves, fences and fence cappings. Complete perimeter spray using our specially formulated and trusted perimeter spray.