Having problems with unwanted termites?

A chemical termite barrier involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations. Our Termite Control Technicians are trained to take care of your home or business, working with you to create an effective barrier with the minimum disruption to your premises and its surroundings.
A chemical barrier is suitable for most people who want to take steps towards protecting their home or business from termite infestations. Other termite barriers have to be put in place while construction is taking place, but a chemical barrier has the advantage that it can be implemented at any time.
Treatments start from $550

What we do

  • Drill holes approximately 200mm apart
  • Inject the chemical around the perimeter of the building
  • Cork all holes in concreted areas
  • Full termite inspection carried out
  • Detailed termite report completed
  • 5 years warranty *conditions apply*

Chemicals we use

We use 2 different chemicals for Termite Barriers. One is Bifenthrin and the other is Fipronil.

  • Bifenthrin – is a Repellant chemical which means when the Termites touch it they will die straight away.
  • Fipronil – is a non-repellant chemical which means the Termites do not know its there and when they touch it they will not die straight away but they will then take it back to the nest to kill of most if not all of the colony.