Having problems with unwanted pests?

One of our fully trained technicians will come out and inspect all areas of the property.

Once the technician has completed the Termite inspection we do a full report to explain if we have found anything what and where.

The full report will then be explained to the client.

This will then be signed by the technician.

A copy is then left onsite with the client and any recommendations will be explained to the client prior to leaving site.

Prices start at $130
Snakes, Lizards or any other form of reptiles are generally an unwanted visitor in most homes and with some of them being highly venomous it is certainly a good idea to get a trained professional in to remove the problem.
Prices start at $350

About our service

  • All of the outside area
  • Roof void
  • All door frames
  • Window frames
  • Cupboards
  • Cornices
  • Skirting boards
  • & many more areas