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What sets Stella Pest Management apart?

Stella has put countless hours into staff training and has invested a lot of time and money to ensure we have the best technology on the market to detect Termites.

Termites that attack houses are almost exclusively subterranean species that need to maintain very specific environmental requirements. Termites, after entering a dwelling rapidly humidify the galleries they inhabit and actively regulate the temperature. FLIR thermal imaging cameras are used to detect this temperature differential. Stella’s thermal imaging system, for example, has suitable resolution and thermal range to detect even very minor temperature differences.


About our service

Depending on atmospheric conditions, termite infestations can appear as hot in winter or cold in summer, spring and autumn. Termites can go undetected on the concealed wall framing for months, causing significant structural damage. Australians spend millions of dollars each year treating termites and repairing the resultant damage. Detecting a termite infestation before serious damage is caused can potentially save homeowners and or your clients thousands of dollars.

Once the technician has completed the Termite inspection we do a full written report that will outline exactly what we have found as well as recommended solutions.

Prices start from $130